is a website dedicated to PC Modders who want to show off their rigs. MyPCMod allows users to easily register and then post their pc mods. Each PC Modder can show off multiple mods. After you are registered as a PC Modder, you can review and rate other rigs as well as your own! Posting your pc mod involves going through our layout and adding the information about your rig as well as adding photographs. We allow you to pimp any part of your rig, and yes, that does include the geeky stuff like your gaming mousepad or your high-end printer ink toner...

typinggoogle.jpgLooks like Google changed logos for today again. It looks as if its a plain silver logo but as you type in the search box you will be surprised to find some new features. Some say it has to do with Google Chrome anniversary but that's just speculation. 
Posted on 08 Sep 2010 by Oliver
Google New LogoIf you haven't noticed the new Google logo here it is. Looks like a lot of dots that seem to run away from your mouse pointer. Word on the street is that Google will be announcing something Tomorrow (Wednesday) at a press release and that this logo has something to do with it. Google has told the Search Engine Land blog that the logo is simply “fast, fun and interactive, just the way we think search should be.” We will see tomorrow I guess. For now enjoy the new fun! 
Posted on 07 Sep 2010 by Oliver
I just wanted to take a minute to help out some people with viruses and spyware. Many of these annoyances in life now block you from running just about any removal program. So I have a couple of suggestions. My first is to try ComboFix. This program runs without installing and does a great job at removing some pretty pesky stuff. Just go to the web site download the program and run it. If it seems to get blocked try renaming the file to winlogon.exe and then running it again. Another idea is to run SuperAntiSpyware Portable. Just like the normal version of SuperAntiSpyware but it runs without installing so therefore isn't blocked as easy. Just click the links to get these programs and best of luck!
Posted on 03 Sep 2010 by Oliver

systemdisabled.JPG I've really needed some of the following information in my dealings with people that can't seem to remember passwords they set. With laptops you often can't just pull a CMOS battery and be set to go. The post below gives you some utilities that will decrypt the hash code giving you the master password for the BIOS on many popular laptop and BIOS makes. Hope this helps someone out there.

BIOS Hash Code Hacking
Posted on 03 Sep 2010 by Oliver
goog1.jpggoog2.jpgSome of you may have noticed Google is putting some changes through on its looks. At first we thought we were at the wrong site. However, some further looking shows Google is actually going to change its look a little bit. Check the screenshots to see what it looks like. If you haven't seen the new google for yourself there is a way to view it. Simply go to the Google home page. In the address bar paste this: (Make sure you delete everything in the address bar and just paste the following.)
Hit enter and refresh Google. You should now be viewing the new Google look.
Posted on 21 Dec 2009 by Oliver
Just a heads up to everyone. The site is back alive. As you can see I have fixed a lot of the issues. Users couldn't post images of computers and the site had a lot of bugs. Most things are fixed and you can post or update images of your mods right away. I will continue adding new content. :)
Posted on 01 Dec 2009 by Oliver
Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Running a business and working a second job does not give me much free time for the site. Since I've been gone lately there is one thing everyone seems to have in common now. We're all broke. However, no worries, Obama will be passing his stimulus bill to fix EVERYTHING. On a realistic note, I will still be saving all the money I can since every recession has so far fixed itself without government spending. For all of you tech fans I just wanted to mention a web site to help build that new rig and save you some cash. is a web site that users post deals they find for others to benefit. Just check out the home page for the hottest deals, but don't forget to visit the forums to see what people are finding for certain things. I find myself buying a lot of bargains from deals I find.
Posted on 16 Feb 2009 by Oliver

To all users trying to post new pc mods that got a "Database Execute Error" it has been resolved. Apparently it went unknown for a short time and I apologize. If you notice any more errors let me know, but everyone should be able to post new computers without any problems!

Posted on 29 Jan 2009 by Oliver
Nvidia LogoIt seems Nvidia has created some headache with a faulty chip. The bug not only affects DELL and HP computers but even seems to affect some MacBook Pro models. Specifically models with the GeForce 8600M GT graphics processor. It seems the faulty chip causes distorted video or even no video at all. Nvidia was aware of the problem in July and has set aside 196 million dollars to cover the costs of fixing the issue. No exact details have been specified as to which exact chipsets are affected. Users are told to contact their computer manufacturer to see what to do if they are affected. The problem has so far been traced a packaging company for Nvidia. It seems that somehow some of the chips are overheating and failing.
Posted on 11 Oct 2008 by Oliver
You may notice Mr. MyPCMod grew some wings overnight. Don't worry its just a costume. We are preparing ourselves for Halloween. I would like to give a thanks to Toon Cave for the awesome design of our custom drawn mascot! If you have any mascot logo needs visit them right away!
Posted on 04 Oct 2008 by Oliver

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